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Hello and welcome to l'Rant Radio. Taking a page from Caffeinated Tirades, we're expanding to let you actually hear the rants, live, with music and shit.

We hope you like what you hear, invite your comments, call-ins and such and just can't wait to hear your opinions. If you don't like it, we invite the same, or you can just fuck off.

Love ya!

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Title: L'Rant Radio
Description: Dancing and ranting and dancing...
Genre: Rock
Website: https://lrantradio.com/
Bitrate: 128

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Mikey l'Rant writes for Caffeinated Tirades, his blog of opinion on the world today. He also takes part in several other projects, and we're sure he'll be plugging them too.

Mikey also has a fondness for the kitchen, life in Colorado, playing and write music, making shit in garage, and generally enjoying life.

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l'Rant Radio

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